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 Helping high-achieving, deeply-feeling   mums to feel like themselves again 

About Kirsti

I help mums of young children to feel like themselves again so they can smile and laugh more, and feel proud of the way they’re showing up with their family. I know you have no time to yourself, so we do this in a way that makes your load feel lighter, without adding to your to your already-overflowing to-do list.

I'm a wellbeing psychologist (MAPPCP) passionate about using easy-to-apply, evidence-based wellbeing techniques as the foundation in my coaching.

Becoming a mother has been one of the most wonderful and most overwhelming things I've ever done. In many ways, my daughter introduced more joy and abundance into my life than I ever expected, but becoming a parent also challenged my confidence, freedom to feel like my own person, and relationship with my husband more than I anticipated.

In many ways, becoming a mum felt like becoming a new version of myself. I feel grateful to have the emotional skillset and understanding of wellbeing my studies had given me as I navigate this new season. Now, I'm on a mission to share this information with mothers everywhere.

I hold a Master's degree in Positive Psychology and Coaching, with a background in Counselling.

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Mum Guilt Has Something Important to Say

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"4 Things Mum Guilt is Trying to Tell You"

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 Articles and Advice 


Free Wellbeing Call +
1:1 Wellbeing Coaching for Mums

Want to talk through a challenge like going back to work, finding yourself as a mum, coping with anxiety, or something else? I coach clients online or in Bath, UK.

Find out more.

Workshop: Creative Mindfulness for Mums & Little Ones
Wed 7th Feb, Chew Valley

Find a deeper sense of presence and balance within your non-stop life as a mum, while equipping your little one with useful emotional skills from an early age.

Find out more.



"Kirsti is a wonderful coach with a talent for guiding you with clarity, calm, and positivity through complicated decisions... I have done this type of work before but it felt much more effortless, effective, and joyful with Kirsti. In our sessions, I felt a sense of ease because of Kirsti’s ability to guide me with her gentle demeanor, positive energy, and her excellent ability to highlight and synthesize important findings. I left our sessions with a significantly greater sense of clarity and purpose."
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